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<2kg Commercial

Since 29 September 2016, CASA’s regulations allow people to fly a very small (<2kg) Remotely Piloted Aircraft or Drone commercially.

Those operating in the excluded RPA category will have to notify CASA at least 5 business days before their first commercial flight and will need to operate by the Standard Operating Conditions.

>2kg Commercial

In order to fly a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) aka Drone / UAV legally in Australia outside of the excluded category for commercial purpose, you are required to obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).

RPAS Training and Solutions offers competency-based training which consists of theory and practical components.

See our Licences and Certification page for more information.


Our sister company Drone Complier is proud to have developed the official Can I Fly There? app, showing Australian drone pilots where it is safe to fly, in partnership with CASA.

Drone Complier produces management software for professional drone operators. Streamline your paperwork with our web-based and mobile apps.

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We help you attain all the certifications you need to fly your drone commercially.

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Why train with us?

Whether working in precision agriculture, commercial inspection, real estate, or outdoor photography, drones have the potential to expand your business and enable you to deliver an entirely new class of services to your clients.

But they also represent a significant risk to your business if not managed properly. Any professional knows good tools and good training go hand in hand, and RPAS are no different. Let us guide you through the registration, certification and update processes, and give you the knowledge you need to pass your examinations, and deliver top-quality service to your customers.

RPAS Training is certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia, and delivers local training in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Kiama. We also can bring the courses direct to your company to get your pilots ready to fly. Contact us today to take your drone operations to new heights.


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